Icefield Highway, Jasper National Park


Recently the MSNBC website named the 10 "best" drives. The top three, in order, were the Dempster Highway, the Sea to Sky Highway and the Icefields Highway. We certainly agree that they all have magnificent scenery, although we would place the Icefields ahead of the Sea to Sky. (We agree with placing the Dempster in first place)

We are fortunate in having travelled on all three. We have photographs from all three on our website. (Waputik, Mount Christie, and this one from the Icefields Highway; Mt. Garibaldi, Sunset Howe Sound, and Tantalus from the Sea to Sky Highway; and Approaching Truck, Arctic Rainbow, Tombstone Mountains, and Northern Ogilvie Mountains from the Dempster Highway)

This photograph was made onto Kodak Gold 100 film using a 24-120mm lens near the widest setting. Aperture and shutter speed were not recorded.