Tombstone Mountains


There are several tall, picturesque mountain ranges in the Yukon, but the most destinctive of them all are the Tombstone range. The height of the sheer cliffs are unmatched on the continent. From left to right we see Antimony Mountain, Monolith Mountain and Tombstone Mountain. We don't know the name of the pinnacle visible in the background between Anitmony and Monolith Mountains. The picture does not do justice to the vista, Tombstone Mountain is 2193m high, with a vertical rock wall that is nearly 2 kilometers from base to top.

The valley shown here is around 75km from the southern end of the Dempster. There is a campground about 3km south of this location and a trail extends along the valley to the base of Tombstone Mountain. The trail is much too long for a day hike, a minimum of three days should be planned. Hikers have to be prepared for quickly changing weather.

This picture was made with an 80-200mm lens set around 120mm onto Kodak Royal Gold 100 film. Aperture and shutter speed were not recorded.