Mt. Garibaldi


Garibaldi Provincial Park. is a large (almost 2,000 square kilometers) park north of Vancouver. The park encompasses many valleys, lakes, and alpine areas. The village of Whistler lies just outside of the western boundary. Mount Garibaldi is the large peak in the south end of the park. This view of the mountain was made from a dike on the edge of the Squamish River near its mouth into Howe Sound.

The slopes just in front of Garibaldi in this view are not in the park. You can clearly see the effect of clear-cut logging on these slopes. Logging in such a way on such steep slopes can start erosion of the soil that frustrates the recovery of the forest. A new "forest practices code" has stopped logging on steep slopes or near creeks.

This photograph was made with a focal length of 80mm, handheld at 1/400s onto Kodak Gold ISO 100 film.