Return to Mount Christie


When we bought what is likely to be our last film camera, a Linhof Technikarden (which we still use occasionally), we posted a picture of Mt. Christie. Scanning the film from that camera provides more than 100 megapixel file. This picture was made by stitching together six separate exposures made with a Hasselblad H-system camera. This final image is a little bit larger than 225 megapixels. As the enlargements below show, each pixel from the Hasselblad has much higher image quality than the scanned film.

This image also looks good converted to black and white. In the black and white image the contrails of two jet planes are removed from the far left. (People who would like a colour print of this photograph can choose either to have the original, contrails in, or have them removed – we prefer the version with them removed)