Steveston Tall Ship Festival


For the first time in over 100 years, the "village" of Steveston (a Vancouver neighbourhood) is the destination of "tall ships". The port is the first stop of the ... Challenge. This week's picture shows the Hawaiian Chieftian (right) and the Lady Washington (left) entering the harbour.

The ships were welcomed by around 35,000 people lining the shores along Garry point, just west of the harbour. A fly-past of the aerial demonstration team "The Snowbirds" was arranged to add to Steveston's hospitality. The Snowbirds are a Canadian Air Force team flying Tudor training jets. They were accompanied by a CF-18.

A few of the residents dressed for the occasion and welcomed the tall ships in their own way.

The Canadian Navy contributed a minesweeper to the welcoming committee and the Coast Guard made its appearance with a hovercraft. The hovercraft is under that huge cloud of mist between the tall ships, the Maple Leaf and the Hawaiian Chieftain.

Several of the ships fired ceremonial canon as they passed the cheering crowd.