Mount Baker and Liumchen Ridge


Here's a view looking south from the summit of the trail to Liumchan Lake. Around a kilometre from this point, heading towards the lake, there is a fork with another trail heading off to the left. This trail apparently leads to Liumchen Ridge seen here just below and left of Mt.Baker. We plan on returning to this area and hike along the ridge trail.

Mt. Baker is a volcano located just south of the U.S. boundry. It is easily seen on clear days from Vancouver and even Victoria. When flying into Vancouver (or flying out, for that matter) you realize just big this mountain is as it dwarfs the other mountains in the area.

The day this photograph was made, there was a string blue haze in the atmosphere. To compensate we have raised the white balance of this image to 5400K from 5200K and then reduced the blue channel some 3% to 5%. So if the picture appears to have a bluish cast, that should be there and the "real" view had even more blue.