Evans Valley and Blanshard Needle


Golden Ears Provincial Park is easily accessible, it is on the eastern edge of Vancouver, Canada. It features several campgrounds, a large lake, and many hiking trails. On the way to the lower falls on the Gold Creek trail, there is this view of Evans Valley with Blanshard Needle and Edge Peak behind. On the far left is Evans Peak. The trail to this view is level and just a couple of kilometres from a large but very popular parking lot. On nice summer days, it is common for cars to be parked for several hundred meters along the road.

One of the nice benefits of a modern digital camera is quick turn around, this photograph was posted hours after it was taken. A shutter speed of 1/320s and an aperture of f5.6 was used with an ISO sensitivity of 50. The focal length was 8.3mm, but the CCD is very small. The equivalent 35mm focal length would be about 40mm ­ slightly wide-angle.