Beluga Whales, Vancouver Aquarium


The winter in Vancouver is very mild for a Canadian city. Many winters will have no snow in the city or Fraser Valley. When there is snow it generally lasts a week at most. The Pacific Ocean brings warm water up from the tropics all along the west coast. This keeps the temperatures above zero (Celsius) through the winter and below 25C through the summer. It can also bring a lot of rain in the winter, but fortunately there are a number of interesting indoor activities in and around the city.

One such activity is going to see the Vancouver Aquarium. Irmgard in particular likes to go and see the many displays they have. In this picture we see two Beluga Whales from the underwater viewing area. There are two large windows (my guess is 5 metres long by 2 metres high) into this tank giving everybody a good view. Above water level there is seating for several hundred people to watch their feeding and other behaviours.

The Aquarium keeps a web site at

A 105mm lens was used at f2.8 and 1/125 sec. onto Kodak Gold ISO 100 film.