Peyto Lake from Bow Summit


Peyto Lake is a well known landmark in the Canadian Rockies. Many people travel up to the Bow Summit where a short (but somewhat steep) walk takes you to a look-out over the lake and its surroundings. Few people, however, take the time to climb the relatively easy trail further up, if they do they would see this much better view. In this picture you can make out (left to right) Peyto Peak, Mistaya Mountain, Caldron Peak and the many peaks of the East Range. This picture covers a full 180 degrees side to side.

The original file for this picture is 2GB, the dimensions are 42,445 by 8,116 pixels, that's over 344 megapixels. It makes a very detailed print of 1 by 5.25 metres. It is a panorama made from 11 separate (handheld) exposures. Since we were fortunate to have made this picture on such a nice, clear day, there is a huge amount of detail in this picture.

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