Cottonwood Grove, Deas Island, Infrared


With fall's arrival, and the colour coming to the trees in the visible wavelength, we were curious to see how the infrared camera sees things. The seems to be, not to much different from normal as if it were summertime. In this picture we see the strong contrast bewteen the very dark sky (typical for infrared, given no clouds in the sky) and the very light tress. Note that the coniferous tree jsut left of center has a yellow-green tinge. The colours are false, no visible light was used in this image, the camera we have does vary in colour as there are variations in the amounts of infrared light of different wavelengths.

Deas Island Regional Park is south of Vancouver. It is one of the closest parks to our home. This photograph was made when we happened to bring out digital infrared camera while out walking our dog, Rupert.