Fitzsimmons Ridge


Here's a photo made from a trip we made to Fitzsimmons Ridge. (The white speck left and slightly above the lake is our tent.) This area is above Singing Pass in Garibaldi Provincial Park. It is a pleasent near level 7km walk to Singing Pass from a parking lot just outside of Whistler. Then the work starts! You hike up over several switchbacks to reach Russet Lake. Fitzsimmons Ridge is above the lake (and is where this picture was made). The journey from parking lot to compground is about 9km with a 900m elevation gain (most of it at the end).

From this vantage spot, there are beautiful vistas in all directions. One thing that we didn't photograph, and should probably warn you about, are the horseflies. Having been to this area before, we packed some old badminton rackets - no kidding - they were well used!

This image was made using a 55mm micro-Nikkor, a Nikon F4, and Kodachrome 64 film. The shutter speed and aperture were not recorded. It was scanned at 10,000 samples per square millimetre.