On the Way to Norvan Falls


The Lynn Valley is in North Vancouver, it is the valley immediately east of Grouse Mountain. The valley was extensively logged about 100 years ago. This week's image is the second growth forest of that valley.

This valley is part of the Greater Vancouver Park system, a trail runs some 7.5 km from the trailhead parking area to Norvan Falls. This is a favourite walk for us when we're not feeling particularly adventurous. Although the way you can see artifacts from the logging that took place at the turn of the previous century.

This was the boiler from a "steam donkey" used to haul the fallen trees to a pile for transport.

The northern third of the trail itself uses the old corduroy road built by the loggers. It is a very good idea to wear proper hiking boots for the trail to give ankle support in case you twist it on this uneven surface.

There is plenty evidence of the size of the trees that were taken from the area. Note how the second growth, after 100 years, is not even close in size to those that were taken.

Here is our destination, Norvan Falls, at the time this image was taken the water flow is much smaller than it is in May when warmer temperatures and the occasional bout of rain melts the snows on Colosseum Mountain.