St. Elias Mountains


The year 2002 is the international year of the mountain.

The Haines highway runs along Kluane National Park on its way from the Yukon, through northwest British Columbia, to Haines Alaska. This photograph was made a short distance from the highway along a trail into the park. Kluane National Park and the Tatshenshini Provincial Park together are home to very large mountains, including the world's largest - Mt. Logan. (Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain, but long, wide Mt. Logan has the largest volume) The St. Elias range are the easternmost set of mountains that follow the Pacific coast.

The weather on this Yukon trip was quite variable. The night before this photograph was taken was wet and windy, probably because we decided to camp out as the previous day was sunny. The clouds in the picture look dark but the rain had stopped and a couple of hours afterwards the sky was blue.