Elaho Mountain


The Elaho Valley (pronounced EE-la-ho) is the object of dispute between environmentalists and loggers. It has a grove of Douglas Fir with trees over 1300 years old. If you're interested, a lot of material on this dispute can be obtained by simply searching for "Elaho" in your favourite search engine.

The valley is also reachable from Vancouver (Canada) along a forest service road that is in very good condition. Despite the large number of SUVs rolling around Vancouver, we rarely see one out on these roads, except for our own! This road is driveable by any car except perhaps ones with very low suspensions.

We would like more people to come out to this area for two reasons: certainly to see what the disputed forest looks like, but even more to see what the whole area is like. Our guess is that few people know just how wonderful it is.

This picture was taken on 35mm ISO 100 print film with an 24-120mm lens set around the 100mm mark. Shutter speed and aperture were not recorded. We do our own scanning at better than 10,000 samples per square millimeter and afterwards reduce the resolution for this web site. All contrast and colour balancing are done by the scanner.