Gosling Pair


We make it a point to visit the Reifel Bird in late April or early May just as the ducks and geese as hatching. This picture was posted on this site a week after it was taken - we have such an inventory that we usually pick a picture we've had for some time.

The picture was made on a day with a partly cloudy sky. A fast shutter speed was used but a fairly wide aperture causes the very narrow depth of field. Neither were recorded. A 200mm lens was used and the picture shown is cropped, it shows about 70% of the original image (distracting bright bubbles were removed).

The goslings were probably away from their nest for their first time, these are very young ones. They grow very fast. Although these two were selected because it makes a pleasing composition, there were seven goslings in the family and both the male and female parents were looking over them.