Strait of Juan de Fuca


This picture was made from the Esquimalt Lagoon in Victoria, the provincial capital of British Columbia. Victoria is on Vancouver Island, the largest island off the west coast of North America. The Strait separates the island from the U.S. state of Washington.

Having put a number of mountain landscapes on the site, we thought it was time to show the marine side of the area we call home. The key to good photographs of the sea or a prairie is the sky. Here we have a sky in the process of clearing at dawn. The lucky element is a freighter in the lower left heading towards Vancouver or Seattle. This is a huge ship, but it is appropriately humbled by the expanse of the water.

This photograph was made with a 80-200mm lens at about 140mm. Shutter speed and aperture were not recorded. The film used was Kodachrome 25. All contrast adjustments were made during the scan of the slide, this image was not manipulated in the computer in any way.