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In this site you will see the type of photography that we like to make. Irmgard prefers to photograph animals in the wild, Gerald likes landscapes. The photographs we have here are intended for you to download for the computer's background. We will put a new image here every week or so - so that you will never get tired of your background. At any time there will be a choice of three or four pictures just in case we're occasionally too busy to update the site. So please bookmark this page and come back next week!

The picture you see of us above was taken just off the Dempster highway in the Yukon. The highway is over 700km long, it crosses the Arctic Circle somewhere around the 400km mark. In the background you see the rounded old mountains in this area of tundra. Further north you pass through the Ogilvie Mountains and further south is the very impressive Tombstone Range. The whole length of the road is photogenic, next time we'll take a couple of weeks to photograph it well.

Thoughts on Air New Zealand and the "Lord of the Ring" airplanes.

The archive now contains all of the commentary from all our past pages. You can now click on the thumbnails in the galleries to access them. We will be adding a few higher resolution pictures in the near future:

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Also we have the Weston photographs gallery, and the Rupert photographs gallery.

You may print out any of our pictures for personal use, but under our copyright you may not sell the prints. Please contact us first before displaying any prints of our pictures in any public place. We keep the original image files of all pictures, they usually have at least four times the resolution of the images on the site. Please contact us if you would like a signed "ultimate" resolution print made of any of our photographs.

If you have a HDTV that has the ability to display static images, you will want to download images for the "Apple Cinema Display". These images will have the right resolution and aspect ratio for a 1050p display.

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