Broad-Leafed Starflower

Trientalis latitfolia

These little flowers spring out every April in our neighbourhood park. The flowers are around 1cm across and the plants grow in patches of about a dozen on the forest floor. There are usually one or two flowers per plant at a time although we have seen as much as five. The flowers have 6 petals although occasionally there are 7 as in this picture.

The picture on the top right looks straight down on two startflower plants. The picture on the bottom right shows how these plants look from the viewpoint of someone walking along a path. The picture below shows a side view, low to the ground, to show the plant's height growing out of the moss.

The smartphone background this week is an entirely different picture that shows a starflower and its stem from a ground level perspective. Check it out!

By the way, we went back looking for another starflower with 7 petals after noticing that we had photographed one, but we were not able to find a second one!

Photography notes:

This picture was made on a somewhat windy day, so a faster shutter speed was required. The wind also nixed focus shifting for better resolution and depth of field, so a smaller aperture was needed to get the whole flower in focus. Consequently a higher ISO was used, we're getting more confident with higher ISOs with modern cameras. Just as long as we keep it below 5 digits!

The camera recorded the following information in the original image file:

Date:09 May 2024
Time:3:06:47 PM
Shutter Speed:1/200 s
Sensitivity:ISO 1000
Focal Length:105.0 mm
Focal Length In 35mm Format:109.0 mm
Image Size:7957 x 4809
White Balance:5200K
Exposure Mode:Manual
Noise Reduction:High ISO / Low
Camera:Nikon Z8
Lens:NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S
Copyright:Gerald & Irmgard Carter
Extra:The final image is slightly cropped from the original

2024 May 8