Pacific Trillium

We know of a few places where the Trillium grows wildly in our area. This one popped out in a place where we hadn't seen one before, although it's only 100m or so away from a previously established patch. These flowers arrive in March and only show for a couple of weeks before thay turn pink and wither away.

Photography notes:

This picture used a focus shift technique to extend the depth of the in-focus area. 30 separate pictures were taken with the camera (which was held on a tripod) automatically adjusting the focus slightly between each exposure. A computer program merged the images into this one once we were back home.

A bush prevented placing the camera exactly where we wanted, so this isn't quite composed the way we would like. However we really like the way the light shines through the top petal and how the details on the lower left petal are highlighted.

2024 May 8