Rain Storm Over the 3 Brothers


We often complain about our bad luck with weather during our vacations. Here's an example, we started on a day hike to the Three Brothers in Manning Park in bright sunshine. Since we had been camping for some time, we did not have any idea what the weather forecast was, however we were already at a high altitude and had a clear view to far distances in all directions. It was clear as far as we could see. We set out, note that there are a few valleys to cross as well as high ridges. We were in the second valley when we noticed some cloud moving overhead. It wasn't until we had reached the third ridge (the middle one in this picture) before we saw that the weather was turning bad quickly. We didn't even make it back down that ridge before the rain started. This picture was made on the way up the last ridge, the rain stopped long enough to risk taking it out of the (thankfully) water-resistant bag. The camp and the car were only 20 minutes further. It was good to be back home in our nice warm, dry bed later that night.