Mt. Wilson and the Pulpit


This image was made about twenty years ago with a Rolleiflax SL66 onto TMax 100 black & white film.  It is one of our favourite images, a print of it is one of the two pictures we have hung in our front entrance.

We recently bought a quality large format scanner and can now scan our images from larger film stock such as is used by the Rolleiflex.  The scanner samples more than 12,000 points per square millimetre so that we have very good definition from all of our film-based photographs.  For example this image is stored with slightly more than 40 megapixels.

This picture was made in Banff National Park, just north of the Saskatchewan River.  Mt. Wilson is on the left, the pulpit is the prominent cliff on its right. Both a red filter and a polarizer were used to bring out the dramatic sky.