Dome Glacier


We make many images in black and white, although we don't show too many on our website. Usually our B&W work is still made from film, and printed onto photographic stock using our own darkroom.  However this image was made with a digital camera in colour and converted to B&W by combining the colur "channels" in different proportions. Different areas of this image received different ratio from the channels.  For example the sky is largely from the green channel and the rightmost cliff is largely from the red channel.  We originally used this image to test a new ink-jet printer for B&W prints (it is a colour printer) and were very impressed with the results. (the printer has four different "black" inks.

Dome glacier is a part of the Columbia Icefield. It is just north of the Icefields Centre on the Icefields Highway at the south end of Jasper National Park.