Lady Peak


Sometimes it's a good idea to go out someplace even if the weather looks a little dodgy. Sometimes you head out in good weather only to have dodgy weather move in on you. We were about 2/3 of the way up Mt. Cheam when the clouds decided to come join us. The top of that mountain is normally windy and the clouds were whipping up a pretty good blow. Since there is a sheer drop of about 2km on the north side, we were seriously considering abandoning the climb, but we continued and were rewarded with a good view of Lady Peak surrounded by clouds - and a few other good images. We didn't actually go all the way to the top because of the stiff wind, but we were only 20m away when we turned around.

This image was made with a sturdy, inexpensive film camera (a Nikon FE). A high-speed film was used so, unfortunately, there is a considerable amount of grain visible in the image, especially at the higher resolutions. This is an area where our digital cameras would have helped (they produce a smoother gradation than film at higher ISO ratings) except we kept them snugly protected from the weather.