Cottonwood Forest


At the south end of Chilliwack Lake, west of Vancouver, near the U.S. border, there is an old growth forest containing a Douglas Fir that is thought to be the largest. The hike is not too long but not too easy, the trail is not well maintained. On the way there are a number of worthwhile vistas. To reach the place you follow a logging road all the way down the east side of the lake. The road is not maintained so you'll need a sturdy vehicle is but only average clearance is required. You will have to park a couple of kilometres away from the south end where an inviting beach awaits you. The trail to the grove proceeds south from the beach area.

This picture was taken about half a kilometre from the beach. It was made in the last week of May, so what you see are the emerging leaves.

This time the images for the different resolutions are crops from the original image and not the whole image itself. Just for some variety!