Mount Temple, Banff National Park


This view of Mt. Temple is from the north edge of the Consolation Lakes. On the left is the Tower of Babel, which is well known as the first of a string of peaks rounding the southern end of Moraine Lake. The lake is well known to Canadians as it was once shown on the back of our twenty dollar bill. The lake is out of the picture, but is between Mt. Temple and the Tower of Babel. The trail to Consolation Lakes starts from a parking lot at Moraine Lake, it is a very easy walk with little elevation change.

The original image was made with Rolleiflex medium format equipment. A150mm Carl Zeiss Sonnar lens was used at f8 and 1/125 of a second onto Kodak TMax 100 black & white film. We don't put too many medium format photographs on our site because we don't own a suitable scanner yet. This photograph was digitized by being scanned onto a Pro-Photo CD.

Ordinarily we would recommend to people that, unless they have a limited version of Windows, they should download the JPEG versions of our pictures. This is because JPEG holds the entire range of colours whereas GIF has a much more limited range of colours to work with. The result is that many images take on a bothersome pixilated dithered look in areas of subtle colour gradations. With this B&W image, however, GIF holds the entire grey scale whereas JPEG has noticeable artifacts near edges between dark and light. We have included JPEG images only for those people who dial in to the internet and need the reduced download time.