2002 is the Year of the Mountain


The U.N. has declared that 2002 is the year of the mountain, consequently we will be emphasizing mountain photos over the year. Living in Vancouver and being close to the wild mountains of the North American west coast allows us to photograph mountain geography most of the year. The various mountain ranges that we can drive to in a day or so have their own characters. The coast mountains are huge, broad bases several kilometres across and over a kilometre in height. They become more round as you travel away from the coast and trees usually grow all the way to the tops. Then you reach the Selkirks where they again push well above the tree line again. Next there are the Purcells and a return to lower mountains. Finally you reach the Rockies, the most famous last line of mountains before the prairies.

The mountain shown here is a Rocky Mountain from the Kananaskis, south of Banff. It had snowed the previous night and the sun warming the cold melt water streams kicked up the thin fog at the bottom of the picture.