The Alaska Highway Meets the Singing River


We have such good memories of our trip to the Yukon that we can't help but putting more photographs from that trip on our website. The Alaska Highway meets the northern Rocky Mountains in the Singing River Valley. In this area you are far from any cities or even villages. The land here is almost completely wild outside of the broad swath cut for the highway itself (note that the closest mountain on the left shows signs of past tree cutting activity). The next time we travel to this area, we're going take at least twice the amount of time.

Most of our photographs are taken either on 35mm film or with a D1x digital camera. While this equipment delivers exceptional image quality, it is rather bulky so we also have a small digital point and shoot camera. As you can see with this example, it is useful for creating good pictures (although the other equipment would improve on the texture of the leaves on the foreground trees) especially when the pictures are unplanned.