Carmanah Forest


This photograph was made in the Carmanah Valley on the west coast of Canada.

This valley has what is probably the most impressive grove of Sitka Spruce in the world. These trees grow to 3 metres in diameter and nearly 100 metres tall. These trees grow over centuries. You can see the trunks of some of these older trees in the background of this picture. The foreground trees are very much younger. The area came very close to being cleared for its lumber. We're very thankful to those people who worked to preserve this heritage.

The park is not easy to access. This is probably good for the forest, the soft soil probably can't stand up to very many well meaning people's footsteps. Unfortunately we didn't have much more than a couple of hour's visit, but we are planning to go back this year.

35mm ISO 100 print film was used. The original digital scan is made at 10000 samples per square millimeter. All tone and contrast adjustments are made during scanning.