Mount Rogers, Perley Peak, Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park in Canada is in the Columbia Mountains, west of the more famous Rocky Mountains. The Trans-Canada highway bisects the park and most travelers through the park associate it with the Roger's Pass section of the highway. Just north of the road's summit is the Illecillewaet campground from which a number of excellent hikes start. This photograph is from the Asulkan Valley Trail, a hike that I highly recommend.

We usually carry plenty of film when we go on a hike, but this time we quickly used up all of our "favourite" film. As a result this picture was made on a ISO 400 slide film, not the first choice for a relatively bright day, but it was what we had left. The film gives a painterly feeling to the sky and holds good detail in the rocks.

This photograph was made with the Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 - a truly excellent lens - near to the 200mm end. Shutter speed and aperture were not recorded. The original was scanned at 10000 samples per square millimetre.