We noted that Air New Zealand is honouring Peter Jackson and his "Lord of the Ring" movie trilogy by painting characters from the movies onto a number of their airplanes. This got us thinking about the effect of these characters on flights...


The person at the check-in counter says "I see you've elected the way of pain!"


One you have checked your luggage and have received your boarding ticket you head over to security only to have a guard insist "You shall not pass!"


After a huddle of arguing pilots breaks up, one reluctantly walks over to your gate and says "I will take you to New Zealand, but I don't know the way..."


The most extraordinary thing about flying on this plane is: after the breakfast service, there's the 2nd breakfast service, then the elevenese service, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. Plenty of treats in between, too!


The pilot comes on and says: "Whether through a plane crash or the slow decay of time, you will taste the bitterness of death!"


You eavesdrop into the cockpit conversation...

Pilot: Do you wish to look into the radar screen?

Copilot: What will I see?

Pilot: Even the wisest cannot tell. Weather we've past, weather we're in and weather we have yet to pass.

- after a short time the copilot sounds worried -

Pilot: I saw what you saw, for it is also on my screen. It's the weather we all face if you should fail.

Copilot: Okay already. If you desire it, I will give you the one donut!

Pilot: I cannot deny I greatly desire it!

Other than the previous conversation, flying on Galadriel's plane is nothing remarkable. What is special is the gift you receive when it's time to leave the plane.


Passenger: "...but have you seen two suitcases? They would be small, only handbags to you."

Clerk: "I am sorry. We have piled up all the suitcases and burnt them!"


In the baggage claim you hear in the distance someone exclaiming "Lost! Lost! My precious is lost!"


Back at home, they will look for its coming from the air control tower, but the plane will not return.