Crowfoot Mountain


This picture of Crowfoot Mountain is a panorama made from five separate (handheld) exposures. It makes a fine print 20 inches high by 78 inches long (approx. 2/3m by 2m). The final image is 123 megapixels, down from 250 megapixels in the combined originals. (The missing pixels are caused by overlaps between the original exposures and some cropping) At the bottom of this page is a tool that you can use to zoom in and see the detail in this picture.

Crowfoot mountain is in Banff National Park, north along the Icefields highway about 40km from Lake Louise. The mountain appears to be rising out of Bow Lake in this picture, but the lake barely surrounds 1/6 of the mountain itself. The name of the mountain comes from the look of a glacier, which appears to have the shape of a bird's foot from the right angle. This, however, is not the right angle, the glacier is to the far left.