Kodachrome Sunset


Kodak recently announced the end of Kodachrome after some 74 years of production. We used Kodachrome (and Kodak Gold print film) frequently until we purchased our first serious digital camera, the Nikon D1x. Kodachrome has great colour and unsurpassed longevity in cool, dark storage. Fortunately for us, that means we have a long time to get our many slides scanned! Kodachrome wasn't the first colour film, but it was the first who's manufacturing and processing was practical enough to be mass produced. We thought that it was not only a pioneering film, but a superior film in comparison to its competition over its lifespan. Unfortunately for Kodachrome, so many people have gone digital (including us) that it is no longer a viable product. Thank-you Kodak for such a good product over such a long time!

This photograph, made with Kodachrome 25, is of the sun over the Strait of Georgia in cloudy weather. It was taken just a few kilometres from our home.