We had just a couple of weeks between acquiring our digital SLR camera before we headed out for the Yukon. As a result some of the camera's earliest images were of the North. Although the camera records a serial count of every image it makes, we have not set up the camera in such a way to see these numbers until long afterwards, when we download the images to our computer. It happens that image 1234 was a particularly good one, made of the Peel watershed - in the Ogilvie Mountains.

For the photographers out there, we have changed our technique a little since that time. We now have a laptop so we no longer have to preserve the camera's memory so carefully. Consequently we always shoot uncompressed raw format with at least12 bits/channel. If we had done so with this image, we would have had a very slightly sharper image, although it takes a print of 18" x 12" to see a difference. We also prefer to set the camera manually to the prevailing light. We don't sharpen the image and always use the low contrast setting - because the 12 bits/channel permits considerable room for post-exposure contrast adjustment.