Trail to Upper Joffre Lake


North of Whistler, past Pemberton, on the way to Lillooet on Duffy Lake Road is Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. There are three lakes in a chain, holding melt water from Joffre Glacier. There is a trail of around 6 km that passes all these lakes ending at a campsite at the upper lake. The trail is very rough, however, with difficult log water crossings and sections (like the one in this picture) where you must cross over large rocks. There is about a 500m elevation gain along the trail.

This picture is from a little used trail that continues from the campsite and goes to a high ridge. We see Mt. Joffre with its glacier on the right and the upper lake on the left. The main problem with photography in this area caused by the slope rising to the south, it has much higher contrast than if it rose to the north.