Common Camas and Garry Oak


This photograph is from Mount Tolmie in Victoria. It shows a typical micro-environment of the southern Vancouver Island. The Garry Oak is a concern because it only grows in a small area - Victoria, the Gulf and San Juan Islands and the western side of Puget Sound. This endangered slow-growing tree species is losing habitat to housing.

The Common Camas (also known as Blue Camas) was a staple food for the natives of Vancouver Island. They cultivated the stands of these plants to ensure they would not be confused with the very poisonous Death-Camas. The two can be easily distinguished by their flowers, but it is the root bulb that is harvested, and the two bulbs cannot be easily differentiated.

This particular photograph is filled with detail, it looks particularly good as a big print. Despite the image size statistic provided by the camera, we have software that generates large 60MB images that reveal this detail.