Black-Capped Chickadee


These friendly little birds are always waiting for us at the Reiffel Bird sanctuary - or rather waiting for a little handout. They accept the food that can be bought at the entrance to the site but really prefer sunflower seeds. As often as not, they take the offering and pound it into holes in the nearby trees for snacking when the humans have their workdays.

It is a real joy for children when these little birds fly onto their outstretched hands to select a plump seed.

Although we rarely manipulate our images other than for contrast, this image was slightly modified so that there would be a "catch-light" in the eye of the bird. Here is a section of the original image:

You can see that the small radius of this bird's eye has just a little catch-light - a reflection of the sun. When this image is reduced for the webite, the catch-light disappears entirely. So we used photoshop to make a larger catch-light that is still seen at reduced size.