Gerald's Drive to Work


We only occasionally show something other than a nature photograph or landscape of a wild place on our website. We thought we would show a little of the place where we live: Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver has a east-west ridge that runs through the length of the city. We live to the south of the ridge and have workplaces north of the ridge. Both of us enjoy a wonderful view as we crest the ridge.

This picture is of north Burnaby, the municipality just east of Vancouver city. (Irmgard's workplace is further west, closer to downtown, so her view is more urban, including many of the highrise buildings associated with the city) The mountain slightly left of centre is Coliseum Mountain, disappearing off the right is Mount Seymour. The five apartment towers is our old neighborhood, we lived in the 2nd tower from the left (the shadow of the middle tower is shading our old building and making it a little harder to see).

By the way, my commute is 17km and this view lasts for maybe 250m - Gerald.