Mount Shuksan from Heather Meadows


Living in Vancouver means we are living close to the U.S. border. Hop over the border and head east and you end up in the wilderness near Mt. Baker. This mountain is an active volcano - just not very active in comparison to others! Mt. Baker at 3,285 metres is a tall mountain even in comparison to the mountains around the general Vancouver area. In the winter it is a popular ski destination.

To the northeast of Mt. Baker is the lesser known Mt. Shuksan. This mountain would have fame of its own if it were not overshadowed by it bigger neighbour. At 2,173 metres, it is also an impressive site. The nearby Heather Meadows Visitor Center (the Americans misspell centre that way) has exhibits of the natural environment of the area. This photograph was made from near the visitor centre, you can see the main parking area across the little picturesque lake.

You can get some more information on the area here.