Eagle, Brackendale B.C.


The winter run of salmon up the Squamish river brings eagles to the area of Brackendale from mid-December to mid-February. On the top of a dike on the east side of the river, there is an easy walk past literally hundreds of eagles and dozens of lenses. The eagle in this photograph was taking in the action from a perch high in a tree.

We used our "biggest gun" for this photograph, a 200-600mm zoom supplemented with a 2X tele-convertor. The combination gives an approximate magnification of 24X, which is so strong that 2 tripods are needed (one for the lens and another for the camera) to prevent motion blur. Otherwise the slight internal motions of the camera's mechanism would be enough to visibly degrade the image. A shutter speed of 1/30s was used with an aperture of f32 onto Fuji Reala film.