Our First End-To-End Digital Photograph


All of the photographs on our site up to this point has been made using film which was subsequently scanned to produce the digital image. This Christmas Santa (who we understand is a regular visitor to our site) brought us a digital camera. This is the first picture (other than a few test exposures) made by us with the camera. Although it is only a small point & shoot style of camera, the images are not at all bad.

A shutter speed of 1/500s at f2.8 with an effective speed of 50 ASA was used. With a 35mm camera we probably would have used a smaller aperture and a slower shutter speed to increase the depth of field. With this and most digital cameras you will find the depth of field is considerably deeper than a 35mm camera at the same aperture and angle of view. This is because the digital imager, at approximately 6mm X 8mm, is much smaller than the 24mm X 36mm size of a 35mm frame.