Sunset, Howe Sound


On our way back home from a trip to the Mamquam River valley, we saw the start of a breathtaking sunset. The sun skimmed just beneath the clouds to throw a red spotlight onto the occasional lower cloud. The result was a sky painted with almost every colour in the palette. Fortunately for us, there was a turn-out on the "Sea to Sky" highway with a clear view. As we set up the tripod, we were joined by a number of other people with their cameras.

The Mamquam Valley is east of Squamish. Squamish is about 80km north of Vancouver on the Sea to Sky highway. The highway follows the east side up the Howe Sound, the westernmost of several long north-south fingers of water formed during the ice age (the others are Indian Arm, Pitt Lake, Stave Lake, Chehalis Lake, and Harrison Lake. The Sea to Sky highway continues past Squamish to Whistler, the famous ski resort. It is a scenic drive throughout its entire length, even without such a sunset.

As the sun was setting, the shutter speed was lengthening, from 1/30 to 1/8 of a second. A 24-120mm lens at around 35mm took in a slightly wideangle view. The aperture was set at f5.6. The film used was Fuji Superia at ISO 100.