A Vancouver Sunset


We lived for a number of years in a high rise apartment in North Burnaby. It had a wonderful view of the North Shore Mountains. We now have a place of our own, but it doesn't have as nice a view. Over the years we have taken many pictures off the balcony, this is just one of them.

The sun is setting over Vancouver Island with Stanley Park in the foreground and a small part of downtown to the left. A 600mm supertelephoto compresses these elements together. The camera and lens are about 12km away from the closest building in this picture.

Kodachrome 200 35mm slide film was used, the camera and lens were each on their own tripods. Exposure time was not recorded but would be around 1/8 of a second, the aperture was f11. The camera's mirror was locked up and a cable was used to minimize vibration.