Young Bull Elk


Generally speaking, Irmgard makes most of the nature photographs and I (Gerald) make most of the landscapes. Just to prove that we are quite capable of making good photographs in each other's fields, here is a photograph I've made of a young Elk bull. In the previous photograph, Irmgard posted one of her landscapes.

This photo was made with a 300mm f2.8 handheld. Go to a store and heft such a lens if you don't happen to have one - they are big, heavy and are usually placed on a tripod. Exposure was 1/500s at f2.8. We're looking forward to trying out the new Nikon 80-400mm VR lens, it should be perfect for situations such as this (it's much lighter).

We were recently in the Canadian Rockies, which is a favourite holiday spot for use. It was a short vacation, just a week and a half. We had the goal of getting good Elk, Mountain Goat, and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep pictures. This fellow wandered into the area that we were using as a look-out. He was waiting for us while we were wandering through the woods trying to read the animal tracks for activity. Most of the people on the tour bus were excitedly photographing some Ravens in the nearby trees, but they all eventually came over and photographed this bull although I think we captured him in a more picturesque area.