Larch Trees in Colour


The Larch is an unusual tree, although it has the needles of an evergreen, they turn colour and drop in the fall like a deciduous tree. On our way back home from yet another vacation trip through the Canadian Rockies, we stopped in on friends in Kimberly B.C. This is a picture from their farm looking towards the Rocky Mountains.

One goal of this picture was to make the mountains as large as possible even though the main subjects are the trees. Here is where a careful choice of focal length is needed. Actually the choice was made for us by the geography, one side of this field falls off towards a pond preventing us from backing further away from the trees. A focal length of about 180mm was used with a 80-200mm lens. If the picture was made closer to the trees, a shorter focal length would allow the trees to still fill the picture but the background mountains would be much smaller (there would also be a more pronounced convergence).

We were taken on a trip through the area near their farm. The forest service had punched a road through in the past couple of years and logging has started in an area of pristine Spruce in the foothills of the Purcell Mountains. With sadness and irony we were told that their horse trails had been used by the surveyors and, as a consequence, many of the new roads followed (and ruined) them. The Spruce in this area are large, old and once cut they will not grow back. Probably Lodgepole Pine will be planted in their place.