Mt. Christie, Jasper National Park


A problem we have with the web site is that the format is always horizontal because we want to make good backgrounds for your computer desktop but nearly half of our pictures are actually verticals. Every once in a while it is nice to find a vertical that hides a reasonable horizontal within it. This is one such picture (there is another such picture taken at Lightning Lakes).

This picture is taken with very fine grained Fuji film, so you can see how much detail you can get from an enlargement from a section of a 35mm photograph.

A 24-120mm was used at about 28mm. Exposure was at 1/125 sec. as this is the slowest speed we commonly hand-hold, no matter what the focal length. The camera choose the aperture, consequently it was the smallest possible without resorting to a tripod. A small aperture is important in this picture to provide acceptable sharpness from the nearby water to the distant mountain. If we had used our medium or large format cameras, we would use lens tilt to adjust the plane of focus to provide the same sharpness at their larger magnifications.

Normally we do not digitally manipulate our photographs, but in this instance the nearby water was lightened to better balance the tone of the background. The foreground water was actually on the shade of trees just out of the camera's frame to the left. The use of an adjustment layer in Adobe Photoshop gives the fine control needed to make the adjustment undetectable.