Gargoyle Mountain, Jasper National Park


On the way to Princess and Celestine Lakes, in Jasper National Park, there is a homesteaders clearing opening up a view to the mountains to the north. Here we see Gargoyle Mountain from the clearing, it is particularly attractive with a frosting of snow to emphasize it rugged features.

The mountain is quite close to the site, this is a wideangle view. We used a 24-120mm lens at between 28 and 35mm. Aperture and shutter speed were not recorded.

A problem common to wideangle lenses is convergence if the lens is not held horizontally. This photograph has been manipulated in Photoshop to reduce the convergence. Click on the photograph above to see what the original picture looked like. Note how much the trees on the right lean into the scene.

One of the reasons serious photographers use large format cameras is that they allow "lens movements" that can reduce or eliminate convergence directly "in the camera".